In Your Words 12: XYZ Analytics

I honestly did not think after week three I would have made it this far. Two classes in 12 weeks and I am finally in the final week of my first semester of graduate school. It has been quite the experience and I must say that I knew it would be time consuming but I never could have anticipated just how much time it would take or how much I was learning.

This week we discussed analytics. For this assignment I will be looking at analytics for an assigned small business and seeing how I would use them to decide the next move for the company.

Background: XYZ Company is a heating and cooling company (HVAC) and in Western Massachusetts. They provide installations, maintenance and repair. In addition to this Facebook page, XYZ Company has a website,Twitter account, Yelp page and Google+ page. This is a recently launched small business so all of these channels are being fine-tuned as this is pretty much a husband/wife team. Facebook is one of the primary ways they are advertising in addition to sending direct mail to a 30 mile radius. They do not have an email database yet.


Facebook analytics give us tons of information about how our Facebook page is performing and provides some insight on what XYZ can do to improve their fan base and their reach. The data used for this assignment is analyzed from XYZ’s Facebook page from the time period of Jan 1,2016- March 20, 2016. We can see from this data that XYZ has 549 likes and that number, for the most part has been rising steadily.  From January when we started measuring until now the provided analytics show that the company has gained 49 likes.You can see from the chart there is a mixture of organic and paid likes.


When we look at the post reach we can see that most of the reach goes to paid ads. From that consensus I see that people aren’t seeing my posts unless I pay for them to reach them so as the page manager I would want to do more investigation as to why that is.


When I look at the comments, reactions and shares graph I can see that there were two periods of peak reaction times , a slight rise at the end of January and we see big reactions on the first of March so with the charts I was provided I go back and see that on the first of march there was a post that reached 12.5 thousand people and had a post click engagement rate of two thousand clicks. The post appears to be an advertisement of a month long special that XYZ is running.

Comments and reactions


Key Findings:

Some key findings based on all the data that I was provided was that, first of all, the page is viewed primary on mobile devices. This is good information to know because you can design things like mobile coupons or even look into proximity marketing. Also, when looking at the various posts and seeing their reach.

You also have the ability to see the target audience which appears to be 35-44 but 45-64 are not far behind. Only one percent of their likes come from 18-24 and none of their likes are from people younger than 18. This is most likely because of the nature of the company, I do not know many 18 year olds that are in the business of needing HVAC.


As far as the page goes it seems, its seems like its growing, just slowly.In order to raise engagement we learned in class that we have to have content. XYZ could benefit from making scheduled posts and posting once or twice a day consistently. We saw in the provided graphs that pictures received the most engagement.

Other Channels

Using channels like YouTube and Instagram and creating the same message across those channels will help drive users to the various channels. YouTube could be used to host a homemade commercial or videos making people aware of all things HVAC and what to look out for and how to take the best care of your HVAC device.

IMC Efforts

Since we saw on March 1st with the announcement of March Madness Special that it was an engagement high, clearly people like deals. XYZ could offer a different special each month just for Facebook fans or something like a “like and share” contest could not only help reach and get people involved, but could help XYZ get more likes. XYZ could benefit from email blast newsletters. The email newsletters can feature their channel buttons as just another way to tie everything together. Their Facebook page can feature a newsletter sign up button right on the page and offer something like 10% off of a service just for signing up. Direct mail is one more way to get their name out into the local area. These work great for small businesses. The flyer can give lots of information about the company while having the “like us on Facebook”  for all the latest updates.

Analytics are a great way to keep an eye on how your brand and is performing when it comes to social media.You can see what your doing, get an idea of who your target audience is, and even keep an eye on your competitors. Knowing what people like and what they don’t like and who your reaching can really help take any business to the next level





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