Vine Midterm

Let’s take a few moments to discuss Vine. Before this assignment I can honestly say I had never even watched a Vine. I did quite a bit of research on the social media channel that is taking video marketing to a whole new level. According to this study in the Telegraph  humans have an attention span shorter than that of a goldfish (thank you smartphones). Is this something you can relate to? Vine is the channel for you!

Gold Fish.JPG


Vine is a video sharing social media channel.  “Oh, just like YouTube” you ask? No! Vine videos are a mere six seconds long that play on a looping cycle. It was developed by Dom Hofman, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll back in June 2012.  Something very interesting, we read in this article that Vine was acquired by Twitter before it even launched.

That was pretty ambitions on Twitters end of things but it seems to have worked out for them. Vine was released in January 2013 as a free app for the iOS only and became the most downloaded free app in the App store just four months of the launch. The Android app was next that June, followed by an App for the Windows phone in November 2013. In 2014 Vine expanded again by launching both a web version and an Xbox One version of the app allowing videos to be looped online and watched on Xbox.

In January 2015 Vine Kids was launched. According to Vine’s blog, Vine Kids is meant to be a “simple fun app that gives children a fun way to watch Vines”

Fun Fact: The Vine logo upside down is actually a “6”. Pretty cleaver given the whole 6 second video aspect of the channel.

Vine upside down.JPG


The whole idea of Vine is to allow users to record video clips no more than six seconds long through the in app camera. The video sharing app features a news feed comparable to most other social media websites that is a view of the Vines that have been created or shared by the people you follow. You may also see Vines that are “editors picks”. To start playing a Vine simply tap it. An interesting feature of the channel is that the sound settings default to silent. Upon my first exploration of the channel I was wildly confused as to why the sound wasn’t working. The videos play on a continuous loop and you can see the loop count of the video in the bottom corner of the video.

The channel also features an activity tab where you can see your various interactions, information about new followers and any activity on your Vines.  There is also an “explore” tab where you can go to explore the channel. You will see things displayed like up and coming vloggers or most popular Vines at the time or Vines by category.

Explore tab

According to this article that just came out last week Vine has just released some new and exciting features. The features, released in February 2016 include the ability to watch Vines from a specific account in any order whether it be newest, oldest or most popular. On the Android app users now have the ability to edit their captions after the Vine has been posted for a short period of time yet. This is not a feature available on the iOS but Vine stated in their blog that the update is coming soon.

Target Audience

According to Expanded Ramblings , 71% of Vine users are millennials. Companies that are trying to use Vine as a marketing tool should keep this in mind. This means that if your promoting something like ensure or mortgage refinancing or anything that is not millennial related Vine might not be the appropriate channel. Brands like Toyota, Forever21, Puma, Gap and Sephora are killing it on Vine.

User Numbers

As of August 2015 Vine had over 100 Million active monthly users. There are over 1.5 BILLION Vine loops daily. This is a marketers dream! Vine has grown 636% since the 3rd quarter of 2013 with no signs of stopping despite competition from Instagram. While many people may think Vine and Instagram are a lot alike, there are quite a few differences.

How Does It Work

Anyone can create and post a Vine to the app.  Brands can use Vine in a variety of ways, a six second video is enough time to give followers a sneak peak of something exciting that is happening with the company or a sneak peak of an anticipated product release.  Check out the sneak peek of the Gaps spring collection from 2013 before it was released to stores.

Brands can also use Vine as a demonstration method. Check out this Vine by Sephora.


Some brands use comedy to get their brand out there via Vine and you might not even know you’re seeing a Vine that a company paid for.

This woman is a Vine sensation. She uses brand content to make money, she already had a following on Vine and companies have sought her out to create Vines that target the audience she already had. When I saw the Vine the first time, I had no idea what she was promoting. Did you?  Toyota is just one of the many brands that uses the target marketing strategy to keep their product on peoples minds using Vine with out the in your face push marketing strategy that your average commercial is.  Here is another example of a sponsored ad, this time for Pandora Radio.

Brands can sponsor their Vine videos to gain more exposure and collect more views and Rank Zoo is one of the first analytic apps to allow users to see how many loops, shares, comments and re-vines overall, as well as analytics for each post. For someone who is trying to gain a following and see what they need to work on it is perfect!

rankzoo.JPGThis person has only posted one vine but you can get a feel for what Rank Zoo analytics would look like.

Integration With Other Channels and Mobile Information

Vine is easily integrated with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and email. As you can see, you can easily place Vine videos in blogs as well. Vine was originally created as solely  a mobile app but soon expanded to Xbox One and the web. When the Xbox App was released it was the first viewing experience designed solely for TV viewing so it was an exciting thing for Vine.



Tons of brands, companies, and celebs have gotten on the the Vine train.

Target posts regular Vines, and all the ones that I have seen are really engaging.

Volkswagen got in on some of that #SharkWeek action by posting this gem.


Those are just two of the many companies that are making Vine work for them. We talked earlier about Toyota and Sephora doing the same thing. In the big scheme of things a six second video seems like nothing but as you can see in the few Vines that have been shared, brands are getting creative.  Brands aren’t the only ones using Vine. Vine is host to a slew of celebrities like SnoopDog, Megan McCarthy, Nev Schulman and Kate Upton just to name a few! You can see that those three celebrities all have some sort of promotional thing going on if you look at the tags. Vine seems to really have something for everyone and being that it is free, why would marketing professionals be using it as much as possible.



Although Vine is still a  young in the world of apps it is growing and becoming a household name. It is constantly updating features to give the users what they want and create a better experience for everyone. Given the nature of the of the 6 second video sharing app, it is a marketers dream for product placement and keeping the attention of millennials in this day of goldfish sized attention spans.


For more information check out the link to my Prezi on Vine!

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