Kassi Ogles: The Brand


Kassi Picture

Searching for Talent?

I can be the woman you have been searching for! As a graduate from Ashford University with my Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management and as a current student at the University of Florida pursing my graduate degree in Marketing and Social Media I have the skills it takes to assist in getting the message about the Wounded Warrior Project out to the masses.

Why Me?

Proud Supporter As a  military spouse, daughter of a veteran, and proud civil servant of the United States Air Force,coupled with my program management experience and my social media and marketing talents, nothing would give me more honor that to work for the Wounded Warrior Program as a Content Creator, Outreach Coordinator or even a Program Manager.  I am an outgoing, tenacious, hard worker and I am anxious to be apart of something that is bigger than me and make a difference in the lives of the people who fight so hard for my freedom. Nothing would be more rewarding that capturing moments like this video below and sharing it with the world.


I have been working for the Air Force as an Drug Testing Program Manager for over 5 years and its time for a change. I am confident that I can do anything I put my mind to. If there was ever a soundtrack to my life, this would be the song I live by.


I spend my time at work supervising people, giving more briefings than I care to admit and educating people on the dangers of drug use while trying to ensure that this base remains drug free.


Who is Kassi?

I enjoy a plethora of activities but my favorite one of all is spending time with my family.  I have spent the last four years traveling the world. I am a puppy enthusiast and I believe that a perfect Sunday afternoon can be spent doing a ropes course, running a 5k, or white water rafting.  As I gear up to move back to the United States I am anxious to start a career where I can do what I love and help others.  I am a social media enthusiast and I am anxious to share my talents with the world and if I can do something I love and make a difference in the world doing it, that would truly be a dream come true.   Check out my Pinterest for a glimpse of me in a nutshell.

Why the Wounded Warrior Project

There are so many amazing programs that the WWP offers and I am so eager to be apart of them. Whether it be the Combat Stress Recovery Program or the Warriors to Work Program they do so much to help our wounded veterans. Their partnership with organizations like Operation Homefront have gone a long way to benefiting veterans everywhere.

Wounded Warrior Infographic(Courtesy of Wounded Warrior Project)


The Wounded Warrior Project needs me! I need them too! I know that if I were hired to work for them I could take the amazing things that I know how to do and share those talents with the project and the world and make a difference in the lives of our Wounded Warriors.

One Last Thing

Here is a video that I watch when I doubt myself and it reminds me that I am great and I will do great things. I can do great things in my personal life, professional life, and other peoples lives and no road block will stand in my way!



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