In Your Words 5: So many blogs, so little time

I must admit that I have never been one to spend a lot of time reading blogs. One of my not so amazing qualities is that I have the attention span of a toddler so I dont spend much time reading blogs or anything on the web to be honest. I have been trying to get better about exploring the internet since I started school again but…I’m a work in progress.

After browsing the internet for a few hours I came across a few blogs that I was really digging!  The first one that I stumbled across and I have read it occasionally before hand was the Perez Hilton blog. The blog is a professional written by Perez Hilton (more like ghost writers but Perez gets the street cred). The blog is an celebrity entertainment blog with satirical undertones. The blog is no stranger to drama and controversy as Perez in infamous for offending a slew of celebrities to include Lady Gaga and Britney Spears.

Perez Hilton

The blog is unique to most entertainment blogs because the content is no nonsense and very opinion based with very bias headlines. I find it enjoyable because its not the run of the mill same stuff you find on every other website. Perez doodles on his tabloid pictures (some times inappropriately) but it part of what makes the blog very interesting.

Perez Hilton is a brand. He has marketed himself as a outspoken, extremely bias journalist. He is loud and proud. Perez is a huge activist for the LGBT group and thinks everyone who is gay should be out an proud. He has caught some heat in the past for having a hand in outing celebrities before they may have been ready but that goes back to just Perez being Perez.

Perez Hilton uses his social media channels to direct users to his website but he also posts every post that is on his website on his twitter feed.  As a seasoned blogger his blog seems to have everything that was discussed in this weeks lecture. He has social media buttons on every single post and a sign up for his weekly recap news letter.

The Perez Hilton blog is host to numerous ads but they are seemingly all cookie generated as they are very specific to me. I dont see any banner ads at all which is something that I believe an blogger of the Perez Hilton caliber should have so that would be my suggestion, that and I think the set up is a little busy so if the blog could be cleaned up a little and slightly less busy I think at first glance the blog would look a lot better.


The next blog I stumbled across was this exciting beauty blog. It looks like a semi professional blog with one writer named Karen. The blog focuses on make and beauty tips with lots of give aways.  I looked at a few makeup blogs before I choose this one and I choose it basically because it was clean and organized compared to a few other ones that I stumbled across.

The blog show cases various makeup brands but it is clear that the author might be in cahoots with some specific brands. I saw a few sephora gift car give aways and there seemed to be a heavy emphasis on brands like NARS and MAC Cosmetics because I see specific links for those brands and more generic categories for everything else. so I can only assume that she gets free swag or is paid to review the products (which I think is so amazing)

Beauty Blog MAC and NARS

Her reviews are real and honest which is think is amazing because all too often when I am watching videos and I am told that v-loggers get free swag in order to review, I find the reviews to sometimes be bias. Here are some facts about the blog taken right from her blog page:

  • There have been more than 45 million visits since 2007
  • More than 85 million pageviews
  • More than 10,000 posts
  • I’ve blogged more than 5 million words (a typical novel runs 60,000-100,000 words)
  • I published my first post on Feb. 20, 2007
  • More than 100,000 pictures
  • Visits from 227 countries/territories, with the top 10 traffic sources being the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Brazil, Italy, France and the Philippines (in that order)
  • Coverage of more than 120 different makeup and beauty brands
  • Typed the word “Tabs” more than 12,400 times
  • Number of hours spent blogging: about 19,480 (give or take)

(courtesy of

So given those numbers above…its clearly successful.

SEO is great with this blog. When I conducted a search for makeup blogs this was the first one that appeared in my Google search.  On her blog Karen talks about working with two different companies to display banner ads and sponsored ad opportunities. 

This blog is absolutely amazing and I was just reading it for research but I ended up subscribing!

The last blog I choose to look at is the Scary Mommy Blog. The Scary Mommy Blog is a professional blog that accepts submissions and if your submission gets chosen you will get paid 100 dollars for each submission that makes it to the blog.

This blog show cases all things mom life. Moms of many kids, moms of one kid, love, sex marriage as a mom, kids with disabilities, kids with food allergies and the blog showcases posts about kids from newborns up to college years. I think the amount of content on the blog is truly amazing.

Scary Mommy

The blogs show cases mommy hood from all different aspects so there is something from anyone. This blog is a place where moms can go if they are struggling or unsure and there is a message for anyone and moms will know they they are not alone in the struggle of motherhood.  The messages boards have thousands of posts and comments which shows that people are definitely making their way to the blog. When I did a search for mommy blogs the Scary Mommy was second on my google search and when I looked into their advertising I found that they work with an agency that takes care of it all but look at the stats below! Clearly the scary mommy is the place to advertise!


The blog was bought in February 2015 by Some Spider, LLC which shows how wildly successful the blog really is. When discussing blogs with some of my friends I was surprised that I was really the only the one who hadn’t heard of the blog.

All three blogs were interesting to dissect and I can honestly say there is some blog reading in my future!



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