BakeSpace: In Your Words 8

The community where people come for the food and stay for the conversation. BakeSpace was launched in 2006 as the internet’s first food social network and recipe swap. This is an amazing tool for not only people in the food industry but for bakers everywhere. There is something for everyone from pastry chefs to beginner bakers. BakeSpace might sound like its just for bakers but the site is host to all kinds of content from cake to cookies to BBQ, to dinners, to appetizers.

The target audience for the channel is very broad. If I had to narrow it down I would say the main audience is females age 30-40. These are the woman who are married with families that do the bulk of the cooking for their husbands and children.


BakeSpace is a social media channel that allows you to find, post and swap recipes with people all over the internet. Something really exciting about this platform is that it allows users to have the opportunity to create, publish and sell their very own cookbook.



Users can also seek out “kitchen mentors”. Mentors are separated into categories based on what they excel in cooking. As you can see below there is a wide variety of cooking styles and tons of “mentors” to choose from. Mentors can provide tips, tricks, and personalized attention to users seeing assistance in the areas where they may not be as skilled.


As I spent about two hours browsing this platform last night, I started to get really excited about it. I like to look at different recipes and I enjoy eating…now cooking, not so much but I found quite a few recipes that I got excited about. I think people tend to get in a recipe rut and cook the same things over and over again so this channel and the endless options for assistance and opinions that go with it is really great. While I think the channel is very interesting, USA Today even said “The closest thing to a Facebook-like food site is BakeSpace” but I don’t think that it can compete with channels like all recipes or I know Pinterest isn’t an industry specific channel but that is the “go-to” for many people when it comes to recipes.

The baking/cooking industry has already started to incorporate proximity marketing to engage with their customer. This article from Mobile Marketing discusses how  “users of the CheckPoints app, which provides rewards for shopping-related activities, will receive push notifications when they are in-store encouraging them to swipe for an easy dinner solution and drive them to the location of Hidden Valley and Soy Vay products in the store. Users are also delivered an interstitial encouraging them to look up recipes” .

BakeSpace could also get in on proximity marketing by allowing stores and baking brands to essentially check in as people do on Facebook when they are at certain grocery stores, specialty food stores or baking stores in turn for receiving a coupon or some incentive to keep checking in or mentioning the brand since every one there is obviously into cooking.

Because everyone eats, there is so many ways this channel can work along side other channels. The BakeSpace channel has a presence on the major channels like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. They also have buttons to share recipes to those same platforms. Users can share recipes and post pictures of their creations and reference the channel with either a @BakeSpace or #BakeSpace creation.

BakeSpace is definitely a cool place to hang out if you love to cook, bake or even if you need ideas. You can browse recipes, ask for advice or even create and sell your own cookbook. Its all food all time which is something you cant get with many other platforms with out all the other”stuff”. Check it out!


Vine Midterm

Let’s take a few moments to discuss Vine. Before this assignment I can honestly say I had never even watched a Vine. I did quite a bit of research on the social media channel that is taking video marketing to a whole new level. According to this study in the Telegraph  humans have an attention span shorter than that of a goldfish (thank you smartphones). Is this something you can relate to? Vine is the channel for you!

Gold Fish.JPG


Vine is a video sharing social media channel.  “Oh, just like YouTube” you ask? No! Vine videos are a mere six seconds long that play on a looping cycle. It was developed by Dom Hofman, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll back in June 2012.  Something very interesting, we read in this article that Vine was acquired by Twitter before it even launched.

That was pretty ambitions on Twitters end of things but it seems to have worked out for them. Vine was released in January 2013 as a free app for the iOS only and became the most downloaded free app in the App store just four months of the launch. The Android app was next that June, followed by an App for the Windows phone in November 2013. In 2014 Vine expanded again by launching both a web version and an Xbox One version of the app allowing videos to be looped online and watched on Xbox.

In January 2015 Vine Kids was launched. According to Vine’s blog, Vine Kids is meant to be a “simple fun app that gives children a fun way to watch Vines”

Fun Fact: The Vine logo upside down is actually a “6”. Pretty cleaver given the whole 6 second video aspect of the channel.

Vine upside down.JPG


The whole idea of Vine is to allow users to record video clips no more than six seconds long through the in app camera. The video sharing app features a news feed comparable to most other social media websites that is a view of the Vines that have been created or shared by the people you follow. You may also see Vines that are “editors picks”. To start playing a Vine simply tap it. An interesting feature of the channel is that the sound settings default to silent. Upon my first exploration of the channel I was wildly confused as to why the sound wasn’t working. The videos play on a continuous loop and you can see the loop count of the video in the bottom corner of the video.

The channel also features an activity tab where you can see your various interactions, information about new followers and any activity on your Vines.  There is also an “explore” tab where you can go to explore the channel. You will see things displayed like up and coming vloggers or most popular Vines at the time or Vines by category.

Explore tab

According to this article that just came out last week Vine has just released some new and exciting features. The features, released in February 2016 include the ability to watch Vines from a specific account in any order whether it be newest, oldest or most popular. On the Android app users now have the ability to edit their captions after the Vine has been posted for a short period of time yet. This is not a feature available on the iOS but Vine stated in their blog that the update is coming soon.

Target Audience

According to Expanded Ramblings , 71% of Vine users are millennials. Companies that are trying to use Vine as a marketing tool should keep this in mind. This means that if your promoting something like ensure or mortgage refinancing or anything that is not millennial related Vine might not be the appropriate channel. Brands like Toyota, Forever21, Puma, Gap and Sephora are killing it on Vine.

User Numbers

As of August 2015 Vine had over 100 Million active monthly users. There are over 1.5 BILLION Vine loops daily. This is a marketers dream! Vine has grown 636% since the 3rd quarter of 2013 with no signs of stopping despite competition from Instagram. While many people may think Vine and Instagram are a lot alike, there are quite a few differences.

How Does It Work

Anyone can create and post a Vine to the app.  Brands can use Vine in a variety of ways, a six second video is enough time to give followers a sneak peak of something exciting that is happening with the company or a sneak peak of an anticipated product release.  Check out the sneak peek of the Gaps spring collection from 2013 before it was released to stores.

Brands can also use Vine as a demonstration method. Check out this Vine by Sephora.


Some brands use comedy to get their brand out there via Vine and you might not even know you’re seeing a Vine that a company paid for.

This woman is a Vine sensation. She uses brand content to make money, she already had a following on Vine and companies have sought her out to create Vines that target the audience she already had. When I saw the Vine the first time, I had no idea what she was promoting. Did you?  Toyota is just one of the many brands that uses the target marketing strategy to keep their product on peoples minds using Vine with out the in your face push marketing strategy that your average commercial is.  Here is another example of a sponsored ad, this time for Pandora Radio.

Brands can sponsor their Vine videos to gain more exposure and collect more views and Rank Zoo is one of the first analytic apps to allow users to see how many loops, shares, comments and re-vines overall, as well as analytics for each post. For someone who is trying to gain a following and see what they need to work on it is perfect!

rankzoo.JPGThis person has only posted one vine but you can get a feel for what Rank Zoo analytics would look like.

Integration With Other Channels and Mobile Information

Vine is easily integrated with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and email. As you can see, you can easily place Vine videos in blogs as well. Vine was originally created as solely  a mobile app but soon expanded to Xbox One and the web. When the Xbox App was released it was the first viewing experience designed solely for TV viewing so it was an exciting thing for Vine.



Tons of brands, companies, and celebs have gotten on the the Vine train.

Target posts regular Vines, and all the ones that I have seen are really engaging.

Volkswagen got in on some of that #SharkWeek action by posting this gem.


Those are just two of the many companies that are making Vine work for them. We talked earlier about Toyota and Sephora doing the same thing. In the big scheme of things a six second video seems like nothing but as you can see in the few Vines that have been shared, brands are getting creative.  Brands aren’t the only ones using Vine. Vine is host to a slew of celebrities like SnoopDog, Megan McCarthy, Nev Schulman and Kate Upton just to name a few! You can see that those three celebrities all have some sort of promotional thing going on if you look at the tags. Vine seems to really have something for everyone and being that it is free, why would marketing professionals be using it as much as possible.



Although Vine is still a  young in the world of apps it is growing and becoming a household name. It is constantly updating features to give the users what they want and create a better experience for everyone. Given the nature of the of the 6 second video sharing app, it is a marketers dream for product placement and keeping the attention of millennials in this day of goldfish sized attention spans.


For more information check out the link to my Prezi on Vine!

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“Vine’s New Kids App Is Friendly For Younger Audiences”.

In Your Words 7: Social Media Brand IMC

When it comes to social media, if brands are not spread across many channels, they are doing it wrong!

There are way too many brands that do not have a wide spread social media presence when it comes to their brand, but then, there are brands like American Eagle Outfitters, Urban Decay and Carnival Cruise Lines are doing it right with a widespread social media presence.

When I think of a brand that has an amazing IMC approach, my mind goes to American Eagle Outfitters (AEO). I cant log into a single social media platform with out seeing a post that is AEO related. AEO has a presence on YouTubeTwittertumblrFacebookInstagramPinterest, and Google+ just to name a few.

AE Buttons

The AEO Facebook page is by far the most popular of the channels with over 11 million “likes” for that page. Their page is filled with content from “shop now” buttons to closest locations, to drives to other channels.Facebook home


As you can see the most recent post is a drive to Instagram . They also have an Instagram app button on the channel. I think it would be better if they had more links to their other apps since they are so well rounded but it appears their Facebook and Instagram go hand in hand, which I suppose makes sense since they are owned by the same people.

Dive from FB to Insta

AEO does an amazing job keeping their content up to date. They make mention across their channels with different styles for each holiday. Look at these socks for Presidents Day and the Valentines Day outfit too.


Across every channel, the content is basically the same so no matter what channel you follow your getting the same content.  AEO posts on almost all the channels every few hours which may seem like a bit much, but they are a subtle reminder that the brand is out there.  As you can see its a lot of the same pictures and even the YouTube video features the same models.


It does seem as if their Google+ page is getting phased out as it gets not near the attention that the other channels get, but with only 8,000 ish followers I can see why the brand chooses to focus on the other high traffic channels. Google +.JPG

The brand uses the same hashtag across all  the channel, #AEOSTYLE. I am really a fan of the streamed line look they have and I love that. When you google #AEOSTYLE you get all the results from all the channels so you can see roughly the same content in whatever channel you heart desires.



Urban Decay Title.JPG


Another Brand that has their IMC strategy oh so right is Urban Decay. I know I talk about Urban Decay but I am seriously just so obsessed with not only their makeup but how they market. The way that their website is a blog, a point of sale, tutorial center, and of course has all the buttons to drive you to their various social media channel and the social media channels all have buttons to their social media channels and link back to the website You name it, UD has a space on that channel and I think that is part of what makes them so great!

Although UD has a decent following on most of their channels, Instagram seems to be their channel of choice with 4.5 Million followers. The brand his highly engaging and even gives a disclaimer on their page saying if you tag them, the are apt to share your picture on their page. The content on Instagram is updated a couple times a day with makeup looks, pictures of the product and even videos to include tutorials and Dub Smash videos.

The content is woven quite nicely between all the channels with slight differences. The brand also has a nice following on Tumblr. Again, we see on Tumblr the links to all the other channels right at the top of the main page as well as a shop button.

tumblr ud.JPG

The content is updated daily on all the channels and sometimes every few hours. Its not always the “in your face” “buy our product now” type of stuff but rather content that is interesting and informative and exciting to look at it. Read Here about how Urban Decay is #winning at social media IMC.

Gwen Stefani has recently launched an UD exclusive line and UD has used YouTube to help get the word out. The channel offers not only amazing makeup tutorials but has an exclusive interview with Gwen about the collaboration.

Hashtags are a big deal for Urban Decay. Across all the channels the same few hashtags can be found. #UrbanDecay #UDxGwen #UDcultfavorite and all those hashtags are spread across all the channels so even typing that into google will yield over 250,000 results


Well now that I am dressed and I have my makeup on…I must go show off and what better way to do so than take a vacation!

Carnival Title

When you visit the Carnival website you see a simple yet colorful set up. You can use the website to book, plan or browse vacation destinations and packages. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see the various social media buttons. Carnival appears on many channels to include YouTube where they showcase various videos from ship tours to vlogs from cruisers to fun videos like how to cruise.

Facebook is where we see the most activity with about 3.5 million followers. Carnival does not post as often as some of the other brands I have looked at a most every other day withe the occasional every day post. Their content is update on their Facebook page I just feel that they could up their presence on a channel with so many users in order to keep the audience engaged.

We see an IMC approach through out the channels because its much of the same content woven through with slight differences.

When we look at their Instagram page we see some amazing content that is very integrated with everything else we have seen from carnival. The problem…there isn’t very many users. While the content is up to date they need to be more engaging to get even close to the same level of audience engagement that is on their Facebook page.

When you look on their Twitter you see the same thing. No followers when compared to Facebook and posts that just are not that engaging. I see Carnival Cruise Lines as a brand with limitless potential when it comes to social media because of visual and captivating their brand can potentially be.  While the brand is consistent across their channels with imagery and messaging, they just are not getting the message out like the should be.  The don’t appear to have a lot going on by way of hashtags but again, I think that is something they should be trying for. This article in adweek talks about how cruise ship lines are trying to market to the millennials and if they want to do that they should make use of hashtags and more visually stimulating social media posts.

Carnival Twitter

I will give it to them, their Pinterest makes me want to travel the world. Just look at all the amazing destinations.

Carnival Pintrest

But again, with the followers…It does them no good to have those amazing pictures if no one is seeing them.  Carnival does showcase great use of IMC over social media and even email so all that is really lacking is social media engagement and audience but I think with just a little bit of strategy, they can get there.

Kassi Ogles: The Brand


Kassi Picture

Searching for Talent?

I can be the woman you have been searching for! As a graduate from Ashford University with my Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management and as a current student at the University of Florida pursing my graduate degree in Marketing and Social Media I have the skills it takes to assist in getting the message about the Wounded Warrior Project out to the masses.

Why Me?

Proud Supporter As a  military spouse, daughter of a veteran, and proud civil servant of the United States Air Force,coupled with my program management experience and my social media and marketing talents, nothing would give me more honor that to work for the Wounded Warrior Program as a Content Creator, Outreach Coordinator or even a Program Manager.  I am an outgoing, tenacious, hard worker and I am anxious to be apart of something that is bigger than me and make a difference in the lives of the people who fight so hard for my freedom. Nothing would be more rewarding that capturing moments like this video below and sharing it with the world.


I have been working for the Air Force as an Drug Testing Program Manager for over 5 years and its time for a change. I am confident that I can do anything I put my mind to. If there was ever a soundtrack to my life, this would be the song I live by.


I spend my time at work supervising people, giving more briefings than I care to admit and educating people on the dangers of drug use while trying to ensure that this base remains drug free.


Who is Kassi?

I enjoy a plethora of activities but my favorite one of all is spending time with my family.  I have spent the last four years traveling the world. I am a puppy enthusiast and I believe that a perfect Sunday afternoon can be spent doing a ropes course, running a 5k, or white water rafting.  As I gear up to move back to the United States I am anxious to start a career where I can do what I love and help others.  I am a social media enthusiast and I am anxious to share my talents with the world and if I can do something I love and make a difference in the world doing it, that would truly be a dream come true.   Check out my Pinterest for a glimpse of me in a nutshell.

Why the Wounded Warrior Project

There are so many amazing programs that the WWP offers and I am so eager to be apart of them. Whether it be the Combat Stress Recovery Program or the Warriors to Work Program they do so much to help our wounded veterans. Their partnership with organizations like Operation Homefront have gone a long way to benefiting veterans everywhere.

Wounded Warrior Infographic(Courtesy of Wounded Warrior Project)


The Wounded Warrior Project needs me! I need them too! I know that if I were hired to work for them I could take the amazing things that I know how to do and share those talents with the project and the world and make a difference in the lives of our Wounded Warriors.

One Last Thing

Here is a video that I watch when I doubt myself and it reminds me that I am great and I will do great things. I can do great things in my personal life, professional life, and other peoples lives and no road block will stand in my way!


In Your Words 5: So many blogs, so little time

I must admit that I have never been one to spend a lot of time reading blogs. One of my not so amazing qualities is that I have the attention span of a toddler so I dont spend much time reading blogs or anything on the web to be honest. I have been trying to get better about exploring the internet since I started school again but…I’m a work in progress.

After browsing the internet for a few hours I came across a few blogs that I was really digging!  The first one that I stumbled across and I have read it occasionally before hand was the Perez Hilton blog. The blog is a professional written by Perez Hilton (more like ghost writers but Perez gets the street cred). The blog is an celebrity entertainment blog with satirical undertones. The blog is no stranger to drama and controversy as Perez in infamous for offending a slew of celebrities to include Lady Gaga and Britney Spears.

Perez Hilton

The blog is unique to most entertainment blogs because the content is no nonsense and very opinion based with very bias headlines. I find it enjoyable because its not the run of the mill same stuff you find on every other website. Perez doodles on his tabloid pictures (some times inappropriately) but it part of what makes the blog very interesting.

Perez Hilton is a brand. He has marketed himself as a outspoken, extremely bias journalist. He is loud and proud. Perez is a huge activist for the LGBT group and thinks everyone who is gay should be out an proud. He has caught some heat in the past for having a hand in outing celebrities before they may have been ready but that goes back to just Perez being Perez.

Perez Hilton uses his social media channels to direct users to his website but he also posts every post that is on his website on his twitter feed.  As a seasoned blogger his blog seems to have everything that was discussed in this weeks lecture. He has social media buttons on every single post and a sign up for his weekly recap news letter.

The Perez Hilton blog is host to numerous ads but they are seemingly all cookie generated as they are very specific to me. I dont see any banner ads at all which is something that I believe an blogger of the Perez Hilton caliber should have so that would be my suggestion, that and I think the set up is a little busy so if the blog could be cleaned up a little and slightly less busy I think at first glance the blog would look a lot better.


The next blog I stumbled across was this exciting beauty blog. It looks like a semi professional blog with one writer named Karen. The blog focuses on make and beauty tips with lots of give aways.  I looked at a few makeup blogs before I choose this one and I choose it basically because it was clean and organized compared to a few other ones that I stumbled across.

The blog show cases various makeup brands but it is clear that the author might be in cahoots with some specific brands. I saw a few sephora gift car give aways and there seemed to be a heavy emphasis on brands like NARS and MAC Cosmetics because I see specific links for those brands and more generic categories for everything else. so I can only assume that she gets free swag or is paid to review the products (which I think is so amazing)

Beauty Blog MAC and NARS

Her reviews are real and honest which is think is amazing because all too often when I am watching videos and I am told that v-loggers get free swag in order to review, I find the reviews to sometimes be bias. Here are some facts about the blog taken right from her blog page:

  • There have been more than 45 million visits since 2007
  • More than 85 million pageviews
  • More than 10,000 posts
  • I’ve blogged more than 5 million words (a typical novel runs 60,000-100,000 words)
  • I published my first post on Feb. 20, 2007
  • More than 100,000 pictures
  • Visits from 227 countries/territories, with the top 10 traffic sources being the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Brazil, Italy, France and the Philippines (in that order)
  • Coverage of more than 120 different makeup and beauty brands
  • Typed the word “Tabs” more than 12,400 times
  • Number of hours spent blogging: about 19,480 (give or take)

(courtesy of

So given those numbers above…its clearly successful.

SEO is great with this blog. When I conducted a search for makeup blogs this was the first one that appeared in my Google search.  On her blog Karen talks about working with two different companies to display banner ads and sponsored ad opportunities. 

This blog is absolutely amazing and I was just reading it for research but I ended up subscribing!

The last blog I choose to look at is the Scary Mommy Blog. The Scary Mommy Blog is a professional blog that accepts submissions and if your submission gets chosen you will get paid 100 dollars for each submission that makes it to the blog.

This blog show cases all things mom life. Moms of many kids, moms of one kid, love, sex marriage as a mom, kids with disabilities, kids with food allergies and the blog showcases posts about kids from newborns up to college years. I think the amount of content on the blog is truly amazing.

Scary Mommy

The blogs show cases mommy hood from all different aspects so there is something from anyone. This blog is a place where moms can go if they are struggling or unsure and there is a message for anyone and moms will know they they are not alone in the struggle of motherhood.  The messages boards have thousands of posts and comments which shows that people are definitely making their way to the blog. When I did a search for mommy blogs the Scary Mommy was second on my google search and when I looked into their advertising I found that they work with an agency that takes care of it all but look at the stats below! Clearly the scary mommy is the place to advertise!


The blog was bought in February 2015 by Some Spider, LLC which shows how wildly successful the blog really is. When discussing blogs with some of my friends I was surprised that I was really the only the one who hadn’t heard of the blog.

All three blogs were interesting to dissect and I can honestly say there is some blog reading in my future!