Urban Decay: The Branding Genius

Urban Decay is a popular makeup brand that has taken their strategy to the next level in order to reach customers.  In October 2015 they adjusted their digital marketing strategy in order to gain a careful control of their brand message. They wanted to getaway from selling the majority of product from outside retailers such as Sephora and Nordstrom and really get the focus on the brand. The new marketing strategy focused on content rather than commerce. The redesigned website serves as much more than a place to purchase all things Urban Decay, but more of a beauty lovers paradise. The website is edgy and colorful and provides links to all other forms of communication that the brand uses.  According to an article on cosmeticsdesign.com the brand was getting frustrated with the brands followers being scattered all over the web so the website redesign aimed to fix that and boy did it work!

UD Home

When you arrive on the website you see that it is edgy and colorful and a perfect represntation of the brand.  You have the options to of course shop but you also find a link to the UD All Access.

UD All Access is an area of the website that serves of an highly interactive blog. Users can can get step-by-step makeup tutorials using the latest product releases like the ones seen below,

Makeup Tutorial

or watch product launch videos or just look at tagged Instagram photos of customers like you wearing the products that get to the website via instagram with #UrbanDecayCosmetics.

The website is interactive and exciting but it also has direct links to all the social media pages that the brand works with:Social Media

Urban Decay has a large social media following but Instragram is their most followed platform with about 4.2 million followers. That is a massive difference from Twitter which has just 704 thousand followers.  No matter the platform you look at you will find a very streamlined look, lots of purple and black, edgy and very identical to the website or any other platform. Urban Decay posts on Instagram almost everyday

Urban Decay opened their second flagship store in Convent Garden at the end of 2014 and it was a big deal. The store is edgy and classy at the same time and is more than just a store; its an experience. There are nine makeup stations, custom made chandeliers and the store even features a “UD Lounge” which houses a coffee bar and a photo both. It has dubbed online as the “ultimate beauty hang out”. It was quite an exciting time to be an Urban Decay fan in London because leading up to to the opening of the store advertisements could be seen in London Underground stationed and I even saw one on a double decker bus.

Convent Garden Store

“In its 2015 Beauty Index Report, digital think tank L2 ranked Urban Decay as the number one most digitally astute brand edging out other top companies like Maybelline, L’Oreal, Lancôme and Benefit. According to L2, Urban Decay’s rank is based on its ability to translate its wealth of social media content into shoppable content on its site” (Milnes, 2016).

Since their redesign it is evident that Urban Decay is doing it right. Their website is amazing and the rest of their internet presence follows suit. Their social media channels elude back to their website, which is again, awesome! Although they only have two stores the stores represent everything the brand wants to convey. Once Urban Decay decided to focus less on commerce and more on the brand everything has changed and their following is higher than ever.

Milnes, H. (2016, January 13). How Urban Decay gets its 4.1 million Instagram followers to shop – Digiday. Retrieved January 23, 2016, from http://digiday.com/brands/urban-decay-built-social-content-hub-website/
Utroske, D. (15, October 12). Urban Decay adjusts its digital marketing strategy. Retrieved January 21, 2016, from http://www.cosmeticsdesign.com/Market-Trends/Urban-Decay-adjusts-its-digital-marketing-strategy



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