Classic Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing

When it comes to classic marketing and social media marketing, there are so many different aspects that play a role in deciding which type of marketing is best suited. For this blog post we will be looking at the direction of communication with the consumer as well as the availability aspects that the different marking venues offer.

Direction of Communication: 

Classic marketing involves a unidirectional form of communication. Radio, television, billboards are all methods of a oneway conversation. According to an ad age study tv ads are still the most effective when it comes to driving consumer purchases. In the spirit of the super bowl being right around the corner lets talk commercials.  While some people might argue that social media marketing is the way of the future I believe that super bowl ad statistics speak for themselves when showing that classic media marketing is still very relevant. One of the top super bowl commercials from 2015 was the Budweiser’s #bestbuds commercial.  The commercial aired during the 2015 super bowl and has over 30 million views on YouTube. While studies show that ads created for the super bowl are not intended to drive sales, this commercial specifically sparked a conversation on social media that keeps the brand being talked about well after the commercial aired.

Which brings me to a social media marketing method. The most popular social media marketing campaign that comes to mind is the Lays- Do us a Flavor campaign I wanted to dig a little deeper to find campaigns that were launched on social media that were not as common. What I found was the last selfie campaign for the World Wild Life Fund (WWF).

WWF used snapchat to illustrate the idea that selfies disappear off the platform after 10 seconds to illustrate the disappearance of endangered species around the world.It looked like this. The result was worldwide branding and sharing that led to increased donations for the month in only a matter of days.

I don’t know that when it comes to the direction of communication that one is necessarily better than the other when it comes to classic versus social aspects of marketing but I believe they work best when they can be integrated like how the Budweiser commercial sparked the conversation on social media. Traditional media is great for that targeted reach but social media marketing knows no bounds and has made great strides especially when promoting a social cause.


Types of Marketing

When it comes to the type of marketing used in a classing marketing method versus a social media marketing method  the difference is great.

One of the most successful ad campaigns of all time was Nike’s Just Do It . The success alone of that marketing campaign shows how important traditional media can be. Traditional media is structured and clear and targeted.

Social media marketing is spread and unclear and can be in the form of anything.


In any of the venues listed in the picture above things like status updates, tweets, blog posts, comments between customers can serve as a marketing tool for a brand. The down side is that it can be uncontrolled and sometimes, depending on what people are saying or how people are responding, it can actually hurt the brand.

Whether you use traditional marketing or social media marketing when deciding the what type of marketing to use should really depend on your target audience. For maximum effectiveness a classic print ad or commercial that can be distributed across social media would be a great way they can work together.

What are some ways you think classic marketing and social media marketing can be used together? Is one better than the other?


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