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Greetings Readers!

My name is Kassi and I am a 27 year old grad student at the University of Florida. I graduated from Ashford University with my bachelors organizational management with concentration in human resources.

I have been married for eight years to a member of the military and I have spent those eight years following him around the world as he moves for his career. During that time I gave birth to my beautiful daughter and spent time living in Germany, North Carolina, Georgia and England.

During my time overseas I have visited numerous countries and cities. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to see so many amazing things and meet so many amazing people. I love to people watch and I find it fascinating what you can learn about a place just by watching the local people interact with each other.

For the past five years and three different duty stations I have been working as a Drug Testing Program Manager. It is my job to create a pool of people and randomly select employees to get drug tested. I review the results of those drug tests and get them to the employers. I also oversee the testing center to make sure that the drug tests are being done correctly and legally. At the end of 2016, we are moving back to the states to what will hopefully be our final duty station before my husband retires from the military.

I am hoping to start a new career in fast growing social media industry because it something that I am interested in and something I feel I would be good at. I am hoping this course will give me the tools I need to step out of my comfort zone and embark on a career that I feel will be rewarding and exciting.


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