MMC 5006: Urban Decay; the website

The Urban Decay website is loaded with content! Its colorful and flashy and everything a girl could ask for.

The first time you long into you will see a pull marketing  pop-up asking you to sign up for emails.  Those emails push out the latest product information, coupons and exclusive offers. Urban Decay Website Welcome.JPG

Upon entering your email you get the opportunity to see the home page of the website and see where you want to go from there. The bottom of the website features sharing buttons for every social media platform that the company uses allowing users to follow the brand on whatever their platform of choice is. You also again have the opportunity to sign up for that newsletter that they wanted you to sign up for earlier.

Social Media

Urban Decay has mastered the use of push marketing. Take a look at this article about how they used a coffee cart food truck during NY Fashion Week 2015. Its pretty neat!. They also have billboards around large cities the coolest part is how easy the brand is to recognize with their streamlined look across all their websites and their social media platforms.

urban decay mud truck.jpgUrban decay Billboard

The brand seems to have a handle on the pull marketing side of things as well. The brand holds launch parties for new releases on hyped up products. In fact, this is how I discovered the brand. I was at a local department store here in England and browsing the various makeup counters. While I was at the Urban Decay counter I was going back and forth as to buy an eye shadow pallet but I explained to the makeup artist that worked there that I was unsure and unfamiliar to the brand and she invited me to a launch party to for the newest pallet that was coming out the following week. She went on to explain to me that the party would have food, swag bags, prizes, make up demos, and mini makeovers so I could really explore the brand and see if the brand was right for me. I went to the party and I was sold. It was so much fun and I really got to explore the brand and I have been obsessed ever since.

Launch Party.JPG

Another thing the brand offers that is a pull marketing strategy is UD Reloaded. Some of the products you can buy come with the option to have an auto replenish shipped right to you and you as the consumer chooses the frequency. You are already buying the product but if you sign up for UD Reloaded when you are purchasing you get deluxe samples with every UD Reloaded shipment and also free shipping. This is a perk for you as the consumer but it is beneficial to the brand because they know you’ll keep coming back.  UD Reloaded

One of the most exciting things about the Urban Decay website is that it is constantly being updated with fresh content. All Aceess

You can look at different parts on the website or as you can see they have a news feed feature that lets you look at everything that has been recently posted. Each block you can click on and it will take you to the content that is previewed in the newsfeed. freshest posts.JPG

Urban Decay is accessible through your browser on your mobile device but they are lacking a mobile app. It would be a great addition to have the app at your finger tips with much of the same content that is featured on the website. I cant be the only one who likes to watch videos and read articles on my phone or tablet when I am in a waiting room or bored in the car.

When Urban Decay relaunched their website as I talked about in last weeks post they really hit a home run. By integrating a traditional marketplace website with a blog has really made the website exciting. Further more, the market place aspect is really quite neat. When you click on a product, the website not only showcases the product, but features reviews, video tutorials that go with the product, and even e-gift options. Marketplace

All in all I would say that the Urban Decay website really has it going on. When I compare it to all the things we discussed in this weeks lecture. Things from an IMC standpoint that could be great improvements would be a presence of a FB/Twitter feed and a mobile friendly app would be amazing too. It has been so amazing to take this deeper look into one of my favorite brands and tie it together with everything we have been learning in class.




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Urban Decay: The Branding Genius

Urban Decay is a popular makeup brand that has taken their strategy to the next level in order to reach customers.  In October 2015 they adjusted their digital marketing strategy in order to gain a careful control of their brand message. They wanted to getaway from selling the majority of product from outside retailers such as Sephora and Nordstrom and really get the focus on the brand. The new marketing strategy focused on content rather than commerce. The redesigned website serves as much more than a place to purchase all things Urban Decay, but more of a beauty lovers paradise. The website is edgy and colorful and provides links to all other forms of communication that the brand uses.  According to an article on the brand was getting frustrated with the brands followers being scattered all over the web so the website redesign aimed to fix that and boy did it work!

UD Home

When you arrive on the website you see that it is edgy and colorful and a perfect represntation of the brand.  You have the options to of course shop but you also find a link to the UD All Access.

UD All Access is an area of the website that serves of an highly interactive blog. Users can can get step-by-step makeup tutorials using the latest product releases like the ones seen below,

Makeup Tutorial

or watch product launch videos or just look at tagged Instagram photos of customers like you wearing the products that get to the website via instagram with #UrbanDecayCosmetics.

The website is interactive and exciting but it also has direct links to all the social media pages that the brand works with:Social Media

Urban Decay has a large social media following but Instragram is their most followed platform with about 4.2 million followers. That is a massive difference from Twitter which has just 704 thousand followers.  No matter the platform you look at you will find a very streamlined look, lots of purple and black, edgy and very identical to the website or any other platform. Urban Decay posts on Instagram almost everyday

Urban Decay opened their second flagship store in Convent Garden at the end of 2014 and it was a big deal. The store is edgy and classy at the same time and is more than just a store; its an experience. There are nine makeup stations, custom made chandeliers and the store even features a “UD Lounge” which houses a coffee bar and a photo both. It has dubbed online as the “ultimate beauty hang out”. It was quite an exciting time to be an Urban Decay fan in London because leading up to to the opening of the store advertisements could be seen in London Underground stationed and I even saw one on a double decker bus.

Convent Garden Store

“In its 2015 Beauty Index Report, digital think tank L2 ranked Urban Decay as the number one most digitally astute brand edging out other top companies like Maybelline, L’Oreal, Lancôme and Benefit. According to L2, Urban Decay’s rank is based on its ability to translate its wealth of social media content into shoppable content on its site” (Milnes, 2016).

Since their redesign it is evident that Urban Decay is doing it right. Their website is amazing and the rest of their internet presence follows suit. Their social media channels elude back to their website, which is again, awesome! Although they only have two stores the stores represent everything the brand wants to convey. Once Urban Decay decided to focus less on commerce and more on the brand everything has changed and their following is higher than ever.

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Classic Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing

When it comes to classic marketing and social media marketing, there are so many different aspects that play a role in deciding which type of marketing is best suited. For this blog post we will be looking at the direction of communication with the consumer as well as the availability aspects that the different marking venues offer.

Direction of Communication: 

Classic marketing involves a unidirectional form of communication. Radio, television, billboards are all methods of a oneway conversation. According to an ad age study tv ads are still the most effective when it comes to driving consumer purchases. In the spirit of the super bowl being right around the corner lets talk commercials.  While some people might argue that social media marketing is the way of the future I believe that super bowl ad statistics speak for themselves when showing that classic media marketing is still very relevant. One of the top super bowl commercials from 2015 was the Budweiser’s #bestbuds commercial.  The commercial aired during the 2015 super bowl and has over 30 million views on YouTube. While studies show that ads created for the super bowl are not intended to drive sales, this commercial specifically sparked a conversation on social media that keeps the brand being talked about well after the commercial aired.

Which brings me to a social media marketing method. The most popular social media marketing campaign that comes to mind is the Lays- Do us a Flavor campaign I wanted to dig a little deeper to find campaigns that were launched on social media that were not as common. What I found was the last selfie campaign for the World Wild Life Fund (WWF).

WWF used snapchat to illustrate the idea that selfies disappear off the platform after 10 seconds to illustrate the disappearance of endangered species around the world.It looked like this. The result was worldwide branding and sharing that led to increased donations for the month in only a matter of days.

I don’t know that when it comes to the direction of communication that one is necessarily better than the other when it comes to classic versus social aspects of marketing but I believe they work best when they can be integrated like how the Budweiser commercial sparked the conversation on social media. Traditional media is great for that targeted reach but social media marketing knows no bounds and has made great strides especially when promoting a social cause.


Types of Marketing

When it comes to the type of marketing used in a classing marketing method versus a social media marketing method  the difference is great.

One of the most successful ad campaigns of all time was Nike’s Just Do It . The success alone of that marketing campaign shows how important traditional media can be. Traditional media is structured and clear and targeted.

Social media marketing is spread and unclear and can be in the form of anything.


In any of the venues listed in the picture above things like status updates, tweets, blog posts, comments between customers can serve as a marketing tool for a brand. The down side is that it can be uncontrolled and sometimes, depending on what people are saying or how people are responding, it can actually hurt the brand.

Whether you use traditional marketing or social media marketing when deciding the what type of marketing to use should really depend on your target audience. For maximum effectiveness a classic print ad or commercial that can be distributed across social media would be a great way they can work together.

What are some ways you think classic marketing and social media marketing can be used together? Is one better than the other?

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